Frequently Asked Questions

What size of skip bin should I hire?

Newcastle Skips has skip bins that range from 2m3 to 30m3. The size you will need depends on the waste material and waste volume you intend to dispose of. For more information, you can check out our “Skip Bin Sizes” page or call us for advice on skip bin sizes.

How long can I rent the skip bin for?

We rent our skip bins on a 7-day standard hire. You can extend this duration for additional charges. Simply contact the company before pick-up to arrange your schedule. If you want to have your skip bins picked up at an earlier date, just contact our office.

How much notice do I have to give?

Newcastle Skips promises fast and professional service. When you contact us today, you can have your skip bins delivered on the same day or the next day at the latest.

What items are allowed to be placed in skip bins?

Newcastle Skips does not dispose of all types of waste. Generally, we do not allow batteries, car tyres, food wastes, and materials containing hazardous materials inside our skip bins.

Do you have skip bins for asbestos?

Yes, we do but this is only by prior arrangement. Newcastle Skips has a strict asbestos waste guideline that should be followed by all customers to prevent paying for damage costs.

Do I need to secure a council permit?

The Newcastle City Council does not allow skip bins to be placed on public land or council property without a council permit. You can secure this permit yourself or pay additional charges and have us organise this 28-day permit for you.

Can I pay using credit card?

Yes, you can. Newcastle Skips accepts cash, cheque, EFT, and credit card. We require the payment on or before the delivery schedule.

How do I order a skip bin from Newcastle Skips?

For fast booking, you may call our office and speak with our friendly customer care specialists. This service is open 7 days a week. You may also book online using our 24/7online booking system.

Where can I get skip bin delivery outside of Newcastle?

If you are outside of Newcastle then it’s ok we can still help you, here are some other local providers you could get in touch with.