Hooklift Bins for Rent in Newcastle

Plastic garbage bags and outdoor bins are not enough to dispose of your larger waste loads from home renovations and large construction projects. Do not let these large amounts of rubbish stay idle and cause accidents in the workplace. For your large larger waste loads, we offer hooklift bin service rentals in Newcastle.

The Newcastle area is one of the most populous regions in NSW. This means that construction of large infrastructures are popping up everywhere, and with these projects come large rubbish that should be disposed of using proper equipment such as hooklift bins.

Hire high-capacity hooklift bins in Newcastle

Newcastle Skips offers only the best when it comes to hooklift bins. Our hooklift bins are ideal for large construction projects such as deceased estate clean-ups, retail, commercial or residential fit-outs, demolition waste disposals, construction waste disposals, or even large-scale residential clean-ups.

Our hooklift bins have more capacity and strength than regular skip bins which make them ideal for our commercial customers. These bins are loaded on a ramp on a truck for easy delivery and convenience. Our hook lift bins can hold various waste materials such as general waste, soil, furniture, concrete and even mixed waste.

Hooklift bins for different purposes at Newcastle Skips

Our hooklift bins in Newcastle come in a variety of sizes from 10 m3, 15m3, 20m3, up to 30m3. They are ideal for large scale domestic and commercial projects, from construction to renovation to demolition projects and even site clean ups. To make your waste disposal easier, all our bins feature a ground level door that can be accessed with a wheel barrow. For more information on what hooklift size you should get, don’t hesitate to contact us at our office here at Newcastle.

Hire a hooklift bin today!

Our friendly and professional staff will gladly assist you on whatever concern you have regarding our hooklift bin services. Call us for a free consultation and quoting every Mondays to Saturdays or use our 24/7 online booking system for a faster and more convenient service.